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Blue Line Investigations and Security Services (BLISS) offers Blue Lined Services.  This means that all of our work is completed by retired or active law enforcement officers.  The years of service, quality of training and hands on experience sets us apart from our competition.  We see things other people don’t see and hear things other people don’t hear.  Let our experience work for you in your investigative and security needs.

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Blue Line Services

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At some point, everyone will need a private investigator.  You just do not know it yet!  Whether you are looking into a family member, potential family member, employee, business partner, a criminal/civil matter or an  insurance fraud investigation trust BLISS for all your investigative needs.

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Sometimes the only way to the truth and irrefutable evidence is seeing something with your own eyes.  Let us do that for you with digital and/or audio recordings to put your mind at ease or confirm your suspicions.


In today’s world, the potential needs for security are endless. Your office, business, private venue, home or loved ones may need protection against a known or unknown threat.  Security can be accomplished through covert  means, uniformed security officers or off-duty uniformed law enforcement officers.  

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  • Background Reports

  • Process Service

  • Litigation Support

  • Mobile Notary

  • Online Dating Checks

  • Realtor Security Support

  • Secure Transportation

  • Security Consulting






We recently hired Blue Line Investigations & Security Services (BLISS) for evening and weekend common area and exterior monitoring at one of our apartment communities.   Tim and his team were extremely knowledgeable, professional and most of all proficient in performing their requested duties.    Their daily written summary report was also appreciated.   I would highly recommend their services.   Thanks again Tim.


Frank French

Mid Continent Management Corporation

We called BLISS after a significant security event at one of our theaters. They started providing security two days later and later provided coverage at two of our other venues. BLISS provided professional and reliable officers without missing a single shift.  Highly recommended!

Tony Livingston

Director of Operations - MN

Emagine Entertainment, Inc.

BLISS’s officers were highly professional and engaging with movie patrons and guests. The officer's went above and beyond their job titles to help our theater. Management was very involved and receptive to our unique needs!  They were very reliable and could be counted on to provide the best officers.  They will be greatly missed!


Rodney Smith
General Manager
Emagine White Bear

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